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ProPick  were designed with precision to provide live, crystal-clear wireless video from more than 1,000 feet in the air. See below for technical specifications.

The Complete System

ProPick a three part system, with a transmitter / camera combination on the hook block, antenna and cable on the jib and a monitor / receiver combination housed in the cab. A live video feed from the camera is transmitted wirelessly to the jib.  There, the antenna array captures the signal and sends it back to the operators cab where it is decoded by the receiver and displayed on the monitor.

On the Block

The camera, battery and transmitter affix to the hook block magnetically.  They are mounted with high powered neodymium magnets and secured with a stainless steel tether for safety. The transmitter box is positioned near the top of the block for maximum signal strength. Both the camera and battery can be mounted anywhere on the hook block, including between the cheek plates, for unlimited viewing options and maximum versatility.

On the Jib

Multiple antennas are installed in an array on the jib.  Each antenna is mounted magnetically using high powered neodymium magnets.  The video signal is captured here and relayed via a coax cable back to the monitor in the cab.  The coax cable connecting the antennas can be installed after the crane is erected or even on the day of erection for easy access.

In the Cab

The monitor and receiver are housed together in a rugged case and installed in the operators cab.  The monitor is mounted using a powerful suction cup that attaches securely to any window. The fully adjustable mounting arm allows the operator to position the monitor to their preference. The coax cable from the jib antenna assembly enters the cab and connects to the top of the monitor. A power adapter is plugged in to any 120V AC outlet, and connected to the on/off switch on the bottom of the monitor case.  When the system is turned on, a battery gauge in the upper left hand corner of the display indicates when the transmitter battery requires charging.

Battery and Charging

The camera and transmitter are powered by a lithium battery that is capable of being mounted anywhere on the hook block, including between the cheek plates.  The standard ProPick-TC system ships with a single-shift battery providing 18-20 hours of runtime under normal operating conditions  (Additional batteries are available for purchase).  The monitor in the cab is equipped with a volt gauge in the upper left hand corner, indicating to the operator when the battery requires charging.  Certain extreme operating conditions may increase draw on the battery, for example, continual night vision use in low-light conditions, 24-7 operation, and extreme hot or cold environments.


Although no license is required to own or operate the camera system, the wireless transmission signal must be approved by the FCC or CE for operation in public areas.  The ProPick and BlokCam camera systems are certified by both the FCC and CE.

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