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In addition to increased safety, ProPick  deliver multiple productivity enhancements, providing elevated tower crane utilization and efficiency.

Reduce Pick Times

With a close up, continual view of the hook, load and surrounding job-site, the operator can achieve a higher level of situational awareness providing increased speed and accuracy in both the open and the blind. This leads to improved travel efficiency and a reduction in the time it takes to complete a pick. This reduction in cycle time can add up to thousands of man and equipment hours over the life of a job, thereby boosting crane productivity.

Proven Results

Installing a camera system on a tower crane can speed up pick times by up to 39% in the blind and 27% in the open, dramatically increasing crane utilization, according to a university study in the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management.

Perfect Placement

With the ProPick camera system the operator can now place the hook block into the correct position without input from the rigger. This ensures the hook and rigging are centered over the next load when the rigger arrives at the location of the next pick, shedding time off of every cycle by allowing the operator and rigger to work in tandem, improving work flow and increasing crane productivity.

Corrections and Overshoots

When working in the blind, the operator must rely soley on communication from the rigger to navigate. This often creates situations where the operator makes positional adjustments which are either greater or less than required in a given situation. Using ProPick the operator can quickly gauge the movement required in order to place the hook block, pick or rigging precisely where it needs to be, virtually eliminating corrections and overshoots.

Return on Investment

ProPick optimize the tower crane by reducing pick times and increasing the overall utilization of the crane. Improved communication, along with the elimination of corrections and overshoots, drastically boosts productivity. All of this translates directly into a more effienct job-site and big savings on both labor and equipment.

Boost Crane Productivity with ProPick.

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