Optimize Vision. Improve Crane Safety.

ProPick  eliminate blind operation, providing Tower Crane operators with never before available advantages, dramatically increasing job-site safety.

Avoid Hazards

21% of tower crane related injuries are caused by an uncontrolled load striking a worker, making the immediate area surrounding the hook block extremely hazardous. ProPick and Blokcam allow the operator to see when personnel or other hazards enter the pick area, and make the necessary adjustments to avoid an incident.

Confirm Rigging

Rigging failures and loss of load make up 10% of crane related accidents. Using the ProPick or Blokcam camera systems, the operator can now verify the balance of the load, & confirm the security of the rigging before ever starting the pick, creating an added layer of protection to prevent incidents and boost crane safety.

Eliminate Blind Lifts

Operating in the blind is one of the most dangerous activities on any site. With ProPick & BlokCam, operators get a constant live view of the hook block, load and job-site below, allowing them to see behind any building or obstacle, completely eliminating blind picks.

Increase Communication

Increase Communication Operators rely on radio commands from riggers and bellman for the information necessary to move loads safely from point to point, especially in the blind. ProPick and Blokcam optimize this communication by allowing the operator to see the rigger and confirm their commands, putting a second set of eyes on every critical situation.

Reduce Operator Stress

Operating a tower crane is a high-stress job. Operators are responsible for the safety of the entire job-site and must maintain laser focus while working long hours. ProPick and BlokCam reduce stress by giving operators the ability to check the rigging, verify radio instructions, and survey the lift area.

Safe Movement

Operators are constantly exposed to potential hazards when moving loads through tight operating areas. Impacts and collisions are dangerous to both workers and equipment. ProPick and BlokCam’s uninterrupted video feed gives operators the visual information necessary to quickly and confidently move through these areas without incident.

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